Internship Resources & Funding

Additional Avenues to Explore

""Some of the organizations below offer health-related internships already approved by GHP, as listed on our main Internships page. However, these programs may also be able to connect you with additional opportunities. 

Want to discuss approval for an internship not listed below? If you are a GHP student interested in a program not on our pre-approved list, contact us in advance for program approval.

We are here to help you explore your options.

Princeton-Specific Internship Sources

Health Grand Challenge (HGC) Internship Program
  • Supports undergraduate internships that explore multidisciplinary aspects of global health and/or infectious disease
  • Offers established internships exclusively for Princeton students
  • Provides funding for unpaid independent internships

Learn more about HGC and explore internships

International Internship Program (IIP)
  • Provides guidance and financial support for Princeton undergraduates who wish to undertake a summer internship abroad, including a wide range of health-related international internships
  • Only some IIP internships are pre-approved to fulfill the GHP summer research requirement, so please check project descriptions carefully and consult with the GHP program when choosing an internship

Learn more about IIP

Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) Program
  • Offers substantive summer internships in domestic and international non-profit organizations with a demonstrated commitment to create systemic social change
  • These internships have been created exclusively for Princeton students; this includes a subset of opportunities in medical services and health policy

Learn more about PICS

Office of Health Professions Advising (HPA)

Visit the HPA website

Office of Career Services
  • Their Hire Tigers search tool can connect you with additional opportunities. 
  • In particular, many health-focused internships in consulting and business can qualify for fulfillment of the GHP summer research requirement.

Visit the Career Services website

External Resources

The following offer options that may be open to all Princeton students, including those seeking to fulfill the GHP research requirement (with prior program approval).

Funding Options

Many GHP pre-approved internships include funding to cover your travel and living expenses. If you are doing an unpaid internship that you find on your own, search for funding through SAFE, Princeton’s newly redesigned Student Activities Funding Engine. We also encourage you to review Princeton University Funding Sources for Study, Internships and Research.

For GHP Students: Summer Research Resources

To access the following resources in preparation for a GHP-approved internship in the summer after Junior year, please contact us for a link. Non-GHP students can also request these resources; they may be useful in preparation for a health-related internship or independent research project.

  • How to Design & Fund Summer Research [PDF]
  • GHP Summer Research Methods Training [video]
  • Health and Safety Overview by University Health Services [video]