Certificate Requirements

GHP Certificate Requirements

A-Z Overview

""Below are the requirements to complete the GHP certificate, which include:

  • Core courses
  • Electives
  • A summer research project
  • A global health thesis project

You may also download a PDF of the program requirements.

1. Coursework

Core Courses

Completion of these two courses by the end of junior year: GHP 350 (Critical Perspectives on Global Health and Health Policy) and GHP 351 (Epidemiology).

Both of the required core courses must be taken for a grade.

GHP-Approved Electives
  • Complete four additional health-related electives approved by the GHP program.
  • At least one elective must be in an area outside of your department of concentration.
  • Elective options:
    • One elective may be taken during the freshman or sophomore year; all other electives must be completed in the junior and senior years.
    • One elective course may be taken with the P/D/F grading option. With prior program approval, one health-related course taken as part of a non-Princeton study abroad program may count as a GHP elective. (This would also count as the one course allowed with the P/D/F grading option.)

Next Steps: View current courses * View course descriptions

2. Summer Research Project

Conduct an approved field- or lab-based research project during the summer between your junior and senior year. Options include:

  • A research-focused internship
    • With advance approval, a summer "service" internship in global health and health policy with a research component may qualify.
  • Participation in a faculty member's research
  • Independent research

The project or internship must last a minimum of 8 weeks. To help you prepare, qualitative and quantitative Research Methods workshops are held regularly. Contact us for more information.

Next steps: Plan research * See student research highlights

3. Global Health Senior Thesis

Write a senior thesis in your department of concentration that addresses or relates to global health and health policy in an interdisciplinary manner. The thesis requirement can be fulfilled in three ways:

  • An integrated thesis on a health topic
  • A final chapter that connects the thesis to health and health policy
  • A separate research paper on a topic directly relevant to health and health policy

The topic must be approved by the GHP program in the fall of your senior year. 

Next steps: Plan your thesis

Special Situations

If You Wish to Study Abroad or Anticipate Departmental Conflicts: Consult the course planning guide as soon as possible to arrange your schedule and ensure completion of the GHP prerequisites and program of study. Exceptions may be granted for students studying abroad or with conflicting departmental requirements in the junior year.