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Apply for the GHP Certificate Program

A Path to Personal Enrichment


The Global Health and Health Policy (GHP) certificate brings together students and renowned faculty from across departments to put global health under an interdisciplinary lens. Uniting those passionate about global health in a close-knit campus community, it blends coursework and hands-on experience to bring health policy issues to life.

Application Planning

While you will apply to the program during the spring of sophomore year, we recommend that you begin planning as a freshman. This way, you can balance prerequisites with your other activities, while learning key concepts along the way. Please note: You must complete GHP prerequisites by the end of sophomore year to apply. Prerequisite waivers are only granted in exceptional cases.

  1. Review GHP Prerequisites: Program prerequisites include coursework, minimum grades, demonstrated interest & an essay (completed as part of the application).
  2. Chart Your Course: Plan your path forward from day one with standard, study abroad & AP planning options that cover all four years.
  3. View Upcoming Courses: See what’s on offer now & plan your coursework for the upcoming semester.
  4. Apply for the GHP Program: Watch for the application link during early February of your sophomore year. 

Want to know what the GHP experience is like? 

GHP students enjoy health-focused coursework, hands-on research experiences and a GHP thesis project that ties it all together. Check out the GHP certificate requirements to learn more.

Have Questions? Talk to us by phone or email, or at one of the many global health events we host throughout the year.

GHP Application Details

GHP Application-2018

GHP Unites: 

  • Interesting coursework
  • Experiential learning
  • Field research
  • Epidemiology
  • Critical thinking
  • Policy language
  • Communication
  • Service & leadership
  • Openness to new ideas

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