Senior Thesis Awards

Senior Thesis Awards

Award-Winning Papers from GHP Students

Evaline ChengThe GHP Senior Thesis Prize is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a GHP certificate. Superlative global health research is also featured in the Princeton Public Health Review, an online student-run publication.





2020 Thesis Award Winners

The 2020 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize co-recipients are Rachel Kasdin (Sociology), Elisabeth Slighton (Anthropology), and Alexandra Wilson (Molecular Biology).

2020 Thesis Award Winners

  • Kasdin’s thesis is “The Crisis of Stigma: Young Adults’ Negotiation of Racism and Homelessness in Trenton’s Health Care System.”
  • Slighton’s thesis is “Organic Local Theorists: A Patient and Provider Ethnography of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.”
  • Wilson’s thesis is “Establishing a Computational Model of the CO2-Concentrating Mechanism in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii.”


Honorable Mentions:

Jasmin Capellan (Anthropology) – “Living on Wheels: An Ethnographic Account of Disability, Sanctuary, and Kinship in the Dominican Republic”

Gabriela Oseguera-Serra (Political Science) – “Are They Going to Support Us or Not? Mexico’s Seguro Popular Program and Its Effects on Indigenous People’s Trust in Political Institutions”

Natalia Roszkowska (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) – “Improved Real-Time Disease Surveillance: Leveraging Google Search to Monitor Influenza and Measles Outbreaks in Madagascar and the United States”

Morgan Steelman (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) – “On Bad Terms: The Effect of President Trump’s First Term on Preterm Birth and Prenatal Care Utilization Among Latina Immigrants”


2019 Thesis Award Winners

The 2019 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize co-recipients are Samantha Chai
(Princeton School of Public and International Affairs), Carson Clay (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs), and Mateo Gilsilvetti (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology).

Photo of 2019 Thesis Prize Winners

  • Chai’s thesis is “Hit Me With Your Best Shot: An Analysis of Maternal and Household Demographics on Child Immunization Status in India.”
  • Clay’s thesis is “We’re Closed, Call 911: Community Effects and Perceptions of Rural Hospital Closures.”
  • Gilsilvetti’s thesis is “Toward Chagas Disease Eradication: Benznidazole Resistance in Trypanosoma Cruzi, Clinical Awareness in the United States, and the Rights of Migrants.”


Honorable Mentions:

  • Maria Malik (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) – “The Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Infectious Disease Incidence and Public Health Infrastructure in Madagascar”

  • Claire Nussbaum (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) – “Was Silver Loading Really the Silver Bullet? The Effects of CSR Non-Payment on Consumer Plan Selection in the ACA Individual Marketplaces”

  • Jessica Sheng (Molecular Biology) – “Characterizing Outer Membrane Protein Biogenesis in Escherichia Coli Using a Small-Molecule Inhibitor of BamA and its Resistant Mutation”

  • Tianyi Wang (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) – “The Global Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance: An Analysis of Social and Health-Seeking Determinants in Antibiotic Use in Vietnamese Children under 5”


2018 Thesis Award Winners 

The Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy.

The 2018 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize co-recipients are Aaron Gurayah (Molecular Biology), Paulita Lara Mejia (Neuroscience), and Julia Song (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs).

Thesis winners 2018

Honorable Mentions:



2017 Thesis Award Winners

Photo of 2017 award winnersJustine Hamilton (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - “Diet Selection and Parasite Infection in Peromyscus leucopus and P. maniculatus: Do wild mice alter foraging behavior to combat intestinal parasites?”

 Kishan Bhatt (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - “Safeguarding American Patients, A National Regression Analysis and State-Focused Case Study of Health Insurance Coverage and Medical Bankruptcy.”

Nabil Shaikh (Politics) - “Global Access to End-of-Life Care: An Intrinsic Dignity-Based Theory of Holistic Health.”

Honorable Mentions:

 2016 Thesis Award Winners

2016 Thesis Winner PhotoSanjay Rao (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) -The Past, Present, and Future of Dengue Vector Control: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Download the full thesis. (link is external)

Jamie Shenk (History) - Where Were You When They Killed Lara Bonilla? Politics of Drugs and Peace in Colombia (1982-1984) Download the full thesis. (link is external)

Lena Sun - (Economics) - Technological Transformation in Health Care: The Impact of Electronic Medical Records on Quality and Cost of Care in California Download the full thesis. (link is external)

Honorable Mentions

2015 Thesis Award Winners

2015 Thesis AwardsAlexandra Junn (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - OPEN ARMS, CLOSED FISTS: An Ethnographic Analysis of Crack Treatment Programs in São Paulo, Brazil. Download the full thesis.

Michael Kochis (Molecular Biology) - Characterization of Rotavirus Strains in Ghana Before and After Vaccine Introduction. Download the full thesis.

Pavithra Vijayakumar - (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) Adapting to the ACA: Risk-Assumption Across the Spectrum of Integrated Delivery Systems. Download the full thesis.

Honorable Mentions

2014 Thesis Award Winners

Simone Sasse & Naomi ZuckerSimone Sasse (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Biological Control Of Dengue's Mosquito Vector.  

Download the full thesis.

Naomi Zucker (Anthropology) - Visions of Health and Care in Sao Paulo Brazil. 

Download the full thesis.

Honorable Mentions

  • Sally Butler (English) - "The Puzzle Takes Over": Perceiving Disease in All Its Complexity. Download abstract.

  • Seth Forsgren (Molecular Biology) - The Variola Virus: The Threat of Reintroduction and Our Capacity to Respond. Download abstract.

  • Prihatha Narasimmaraj (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - "There Is No Other Food Besides the Breast": Challenges of Infant and Young Child Feeding in Rural Sierra Leone. Download abstract.

  • Storm Portner (Anthropology) - Imagining Partnerships: An Ethnography of Community Health Workers in a Global Health Intervention in Sierra Leone. Download abstract.

2013 Thesis Award Winners

Raphael Frankfurter & Aaron LinRaphael Frankfurter (Anthropology) - Transience and the Lives Therein: An Ethnography of Global Health and Care in Sierra Leone. (Publication of the full thesis is withheld due to ongoing, sensitive and potentially recognizable issues regarding the individuals detailed in the thesis.) Download abstract.

Aaron Lin (Molecular Biology) - Proteomic Investigation of the HSV-1 Outer Tegument Protein pUL46: Interactions, Hyper-Phosphorylation, and Regulation by ICP0-Dependent Proteasomal Degradation. Download the full thesis.

Honorable Mentions

  • Wynne Callon (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - Diabetes and China’s Modernization: A Three-City Study of the Perspectives of Patients, Providers and Policymakers. Download abstract.
  • Dora Huang (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) -  Associations between typhoid mortality and municipal finances of water and sewerage systems in eighteen urban centers in the United States, 1888-1932. Download abstract.

2012 Thesis Award Winners

Allison Daminger & Joseph AnayaAllison Daminger (Anthropology) - Known, Un‐known: An Ethnography of AIDS Care and Treatment Adherence in Guatemala. 
Download the full thesis.

Joseph Anaya (Chemistry) - Design, Synthesis, and Biological Characterization of Novel Nucleoside Analogs Targeting Dengue Virus and Their Serendipitous Activity Against HCV
Publication is patent-pending.

Honorable Mentions

  • Christine Blauvelt (Anthropology) -  Economies of Survival: When Global AIDS Interventions Meet Local Communities in Kenya. Download abstract.

  • Annette Dekker (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - “What is Killing Me Most” - Chronic Pain and the Need for Palliative Care in a Rural Community in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Download abstract.

  • Caroline Pinke (Anthropology) -  An Ethnography of Care: Reclaiming Dignity for Boston’s Chronically Homeless. Download abstract.

  • Nisha Rao (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Simplifying Surveillance Efforts: Modeling Causes of Heterogeneity in Dengue Fever Risk. Download abstract.

2011 Thesis Award Winners

  • Alana D'Alfonso (Psychology) - Seeing the Meaning: Higher-Order Neuroplastic Changes in the Time Scale of Processing within Early Visual Areas in the Congenitally Blind. Download the full thesis.

  • Alyse Wheelock (Anthropology) - Maps of Rural Health: An Ethnography of Access to Care in Peru. Download the full thesis.

Honorable Mentions

  • Joshua Oppenheimer (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs) - A Mexican Model for Insuring The Poor? Download abstract.

  • Alex Rosen (Economics) - Hospital Ownership: An Empirical Study of Its Effect on the Quality and Cost of Medical Care in the United States. Download abstract.

  • Sarimer Sanchez (History): Medicalizing Birth Control: The enovid Clinical Trials in Puerto Rico (1956-1960). Download abstract.

  • John Torrey (Religion): Power Consecrated an Ethnographic Critique of Donor Engagement with Churches and Mosques on Aids in Tanzania. Download abstract.

2010 Thesis Award Winners

  • Alex Gertner (Anthropology) - Pharmaceutical Care, Public Experiments, and Patient Knowledge in the Brazilian Public Healthcare System.  Download the full thesis.

  • Alexa Glencer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) - Health Impact Assessment in Alaska: General Guidance, Project Application, and Sustainable Mitigation. Download the full thesis.