Senior Thesis Awards

Award-Winning Papers from GHP Students

The GHP Senior Thesis Prize is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding thesis written by a student earning a GHP certificate. Superlative global health research is also featured in the Princeton Public Health Review, an online student-run publication.

Thesis Award Winners


The 2021 Global Health and Health Policy Senior Thesis Prize co-recipients are Isabelle Chandler (History), Chitra Parikh (Architecture), and Jonathan Wang (Molecular Biology).

thesis prize winners


  • Chandler’s thesis is entitled “The Spirit of Xiaotangshan”: An Investigation into the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Use of the Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital as a Tool of Propaganda, 2003 - 2021.”
  • Parikh’s thesis is entitled “Reclaiming the Corridor: Modulating Circulation and Air Transmission to Build Flexibility in Clinical Design.”
  • Wang’s thesis is entitled “Examining Low-Barrier Buprenorphine Treatment during COVID-19 for Individuals Experiencing Housing Insecurity and Homelessness.”

Honorable Mentions

Katherine Leggat-Barr (School of Public and International Affairs) – “Responding from a Fractured Foundation: An Analysis of the COVID-19 Response on the Navajo Nation, to Explain Observed Elevated COVID-19 Mortality Rates.”

Toyosi Oluwole (Anthropology) – “The Label: Forging Meanings of a Rare Genetic Diagnosis.”

Kiersten Rasberry (Anthropology) – “More than a Sweet Tooth: Exploring the Role of the Built Environment in the South Side of Chicago Diabetes Epidemic.”

Kalil Shaw (Electrical Engineering) – “Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring: Miniaturization of an in vivo Glucose Sensor Based on Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy.”