Certificate Requirements

A-Z Overview

""After the prerequisites, there are four elements of the GHP certificate:

  • Core courses
  • Electives
  • A summer research project
  • A global health thesis project

You may also download a PDF of the certificate requirements.




1. Coursework

Core Courses

Completion of these two courses during the junior year:

GHP 350 (Critical Perspectives in Global Health)

Cross-listed as WWS 380 / ANT 380
This course introduces students to pressing disease and health care problems worldwide and examines efforts currently underway to address them. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the course identifies the main actors, institutions, knowledge and values at play in the 'global health system', and explores the environmental, social, political, and economic factors that shape patterns and variations in disease and health across societies. Topics include: development and the governance of disease; technological change and public health; human rights and social justice; measuring health outcomes; and the shifting role of states, civil society, and public-private partnerships in health care delivery. Students are encouraged to think creatively about health problems and to envision innovative and effective interventions.

GHP 351 (Epidemiology)

Cross-listed as WWS 381
This epidemiology course for undergraduate students in global health and health policy focuses on the distribution and determinants of disease. Diverse methodological approaches for measuring health status, disease occurrence, and the association between risk factors and health outcomes will be presented via classic and contemporary studies of chronic and infectious illness and disease outbreaks. Emphasis on: causal inference, study design and sampling, bias and confounding, the generalizability of research, health policy and research ethics. Prerequisite: an approved basic statistics course.