Plan Research

GHP Summer Research Project

Experiential Learning

Image removed.The GHP summer research project offers a direct view into the global health field. These experiences can be the springboard for a more fulfilling senior thesis project—and can even help you uncover a potential future career.

Research Planning Process

1. Explore Your Options

We encourage you to engage in health-related research experiences throughout your time at Princeton. However, you must complete a qualifying project during the summer after junior year to fulfill the GHP certificate requirements. Options that fulfill the research requirement include:

  • A research-focused internship: View GHP-approved internships
  • Participation in laboratory and/or faculty research
  • Projects completed through our Health Scholars Program, which include funding for independent research
  • An independent project: get in touch to talk to us about your options.
2. Begin Planning

As you get started, consider the following:

  • Are you already committed to a summer research project - in the lab or elsewhere?
  • Do you want to go global or stay in the U.S.?
  • Do you want to do research towards your senior thesis?
  • Which departmental faculty can advise you as you plan your project?
  • Are there other undergraduate or graduate students who might be able to help you envision your project?
3. Choose a Topic
  • Which topics from your studies have been most interesting?
  • Which courses have you most enjoyed?
  • How might they translate into a research project?
4. Define Your Project
  • How might interdisciplinary thinking apply?
  • Do you tend to prefer working independently or with faculty?
  • Are there faculty members you may want to work with?
  • How your project might inform your senior thesis project?
  • What kinds of research tools will you need access to?
5. Find Funding

Projects completed through Princeton's Health Scholars Program and many GHP-approved internships are funded. For additional funding information, visit SAFE, Princeton's Student Activities Funding Engine.

Research Methods Workshops

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research-methods workshops to help prepare you for your summer research project. Contact us for more information about upcoming sessions.