Plan Research

GHP Summer Research Project

Experiential Learning

Image removed.The GHP summer research project offers a direct view into the global health field. These experiences can be the springboard for a more fulfilling senior thesis project—and can even help you uncover a potential future career.

Research Planning Process

1. Explore Your Options

We encourage you to engage in health-related research experiences throughout your time at Princeton. However, you must complete a qualifying project during the summer after junior year to fulfill the GHP minor requirements. Options that fulfill the research requirement include:

  • A research-focused internship: View the GHP-sponsored Internships in Global Health
  • Participation in laboratory and/or faculty research
  • Projects completed through our Health Scholars Program, which include funding for independent research
  • An independent project: get in touch to talk to us about your options.
2. Begin Planning

As you get started, consider the following:

  • Are you already committed to a summer research project - in the lab or elsewhere?
  • Do you want to go global or stay in the U.S.?
  • Do you want to do research towards your senior thesis?
  • Which departmental faculty can advise you as you plan your project?
  • Are there other undergraduate or graduate students who might be able to help you envision your project?
3. Choose a Topic
  • Which topics from your studies have been most interesting?
  • Which courses have you most enjoyed?
  • How might they translate into a research project?
4. Define Your Project
  • How might interdisciplinary thinking apply?
  • Do you tend to prefer working independently or with faculty?
  • Are there faculty members you may want to work with?
  • How your project might inform your senior thesis project?
  • What kinds of research tools will you need access to?
5. Find Funding

Most students are able to find funding for independent research activities through SAFE, Princeton's Student Activities Funding Engine.  Some juniors also receive full funding for summer research activities through the Health Scholars Program.