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Current & Upcoming Undergraduate Courses

Planning your course schedule? Here is a look at what’s coming up in global health.

Certificate students:

Take Note of New 200-Level Elective Policy:  In the past, GHP elective courses were normally required to be listed or cross-listed at a 300-level or 400-level.  In order to add more options and flexibility for students, GHP will now approve 200-level courses as GHP electives.  However, a student may only count two 200-level courses toward the overall four elective total.  If a course carries both a 200- and 300-level course number, it will count as a 200-level course for purposes of this requirement.  Students, particularly seniors, who have already completed their GHP elective requirement using more than two 200-level equivalent courses will be given an exception to this new requirement.

Elective options:

  • One elective course *must* be outside of your home department. (This includes cross-listings.)
  • One elective may be taken during the freshman or sophomore year; all other electives must be completed in the junior and senior years.
  • One elective course may be taken with the P/D/F grading option. With prior program approval, one health-related course taken as part of a non-Princeton study abroad program may count as a GHP elective. (This would also count as the one course allowed with the P/D/F grading option.)


Fall 2024 Courses

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Spring 2024 Courses

Core Courses

GHP Pre-approved Electives


*Note that ANT 240/HUM 240 may count as either a GHP elective or a GHP Foundations prerequisite course, but not both.