Internships in Global Health


Sponsored by the Center for Health and Wellbeing

Hands-on work in the developed and developing world. Research internships at the forefront of global health. Access to those creating tomorrow’s global health policies.

Princeton’s Center for Health and Wellbeing sponsors the Internships in Global Health, fully-funded internships spanning global health topics overseas and in the U.S. Hands-on experience brings new dimensions to classroom work and can inspire future research, lead to new interests, and influence career directions.

The internships below are open to all Princeton first-years, sophomores, juniors, and graduate students, both in and outside the GHP certificate program, which makes this a great place to begin your global health internship search.  Students are welcome to apply for as many of these internships as interest them.

GHP Students: Internships on this list are pre-approved to fulfill the GHP certificate research requirement when completed in the summer after junior year. Students may not pre-fulfill the GHP research requirement during their first or sophomore years, but students can get great experience through these internships at any time, even if they aren't pursued for GHP certificate credit.

The Internships in Global Health are part of Learning and Education in Service (LENS), a University commitment to ensure that every undergraduate student is able to participate in a summer internship in service and social impact funded by Princeton.

Service Focus: Internships on this list are all pre-approved for the Service Focus program.

NOTE: For on-site internships, CHW will cover all expenses for airfare, housing, food, local transportation, and incidentals.  CHW will make final determinations on the travel status of each internship in consultation with Princeton University officials, host organizations, and selected interns by the spring semester.


Round 1, 2, and 3 internship opportunities for summer 2023 are now closed.  New opportunities for summer 2024 will be posted in mid-fall 2023.


List of Closed Round 3 Summer 2023 Internships (Click for Details):

List of Closed Round 2 Summer 2023 Internships (Click for Details):

List of Closed Round 1 Summer 2023 Internships (Click for Details):