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Princeton Brazil

Princeton is expanding the bounds of research into global health and health policy. Unique to our approach is a deep commitment to:
  • Creating classroom connections
  • Promoting interdisciplinary projects
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary thinking—because when the disciplines speak, new insight can emerge

Below is just a very brief selection of recent faculty research.To learn more about these and other projects, please visit the Center for Health and Wellbeing.

Princeton-Brazil: Global Health / Demography of Aging Center

Treating Pharma-Induced Aging in Brazil
Studying pharmaceutical-induced aging symptoms in the United States and Brazil
PI: João Biehl, Anthropology

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Health Grand Challenge

Creating a New Meningitis Risk Model  
 Predictive Models of Meningitis Risk in the African Meningitis Belt
PIs: Nicole Basta, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Paul Ginoux, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences; Elena Shevliakova, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tracking the Trade-Offs of Autoimmunity & Infection
 The Role of Humoral Immunity in Human Health: How Does Infection Susceptibility Relate to Autoimmune Susceptibility?
PI: Andrea Graham, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Uncovering the Impact of Information Structure on Disease
 Informational Structure of Infectious Diseases
PIs: Ramanan Laxminarayan, Center for Health and Wellbeing & Princeton Environmental Institute; Simon Levin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Advancing Biomaterial Threat Prevention
 Graphene Nanosensors for Ubiquitous Diagnostics
PI: Michael McAlpine, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Working to Prevent an Outbreak
 Understanding the Impact of Meningococcal B Vaccination among Princeton University Students
PI: Nicole Basta, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Studying Health Outcomes in the Arab World
Political Islam and the politics of health care in the Arab world
PIs: Amaney Jamal, Politics; Elizabeth Nugent, Politics; Tarek Masoud, Public Policy - Harvard University

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Program on U.S. Health Policy

Addressing the Ongoing HIV Epidemic
Modeling the Impact of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Targeted Hepatitis C Case-finding and Treatment on the HIV and HCV epidemics in Newark, NJ
PI: Bryan Grenfell, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Woodrow Wilson School

Incentivizing Better Care
Making Health Insurance Work: Data-Driven Incentive Alignment
PIs: Mark Braverman, Computer Science; and Sylvain Chassang, Economics & Woodrow Wilson School

Analyzing Growing Antibiotic Resistance
Epidemiology of Antibiotic Use in U.S. Hospitals
PIs: Ramanan Laxminarayan, Princeton Environmental Institute; and Simon Levin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Examining the Link Between Privatization and Later-Life Care
 Long Run Effects of Privatizing Public Health Insurance
PI: Ilyana Kuziemko, Economics

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