Experiential Learning

Education in Three Dimensions

""Global health education connects the dots, merging concept and theory with concrete experience. Our students:

  • Work with global leaders in health research in the classroom and around the world
  • Learn to consider the human aspects of health and health delivery
  • Are exposed to cutting-edge debates and theories along the way

New Ways of Knowing

We span disciplines and time zones to create new understanding and new possibilities. Our aim is not just to educate—but to inspire conscientious global citizens.

  • Insight into cross-disciplinary techniques
  • Direct access to renowned faculty
  • Eye-opening field experiences
  • An international perspective in the classroom
  • Emphasis on critical thinking as the mechanism for better health policy
Teaching Programs

We emphasize real-world global health education.


Students attain on-the-ground insight through internships around the globe.

Research Funding

We support faculty- and student-led fieldwork and scholarship designed for impact.

Career Connections

Students attain concrete preparation for careers in global health after Princeton.