About Global Health at Princeton

Real-World Learning Meets Critical Research


Complex policy issues directly impact the wellbeing of people worldwide. The Princeton University Global Health Program stands at the forefront of interdisciplinary health and health policy research and education. By promoting serious health scholarship with an international perspective, we work to:

  • Power change today
  • Prepare the next generation of global health leaders

View our booklet: Global Health at Princeton.

Program Overview

Watch a short video highlighting Princeton's Global Health Program.

A Global Health Community

We make room for diverse academic voices, with a belief that a communal approach to policy creates better outcomes.

Teaching with Context

We merge cutting-edge inquiry with experiential learning to create an internationalized classroom experience that encourages critical thinking.

Multidisciplinary by Design

We employ cross-disciplinary dialogue and research to uncover the intertwined drivers of health disparities.

Vital Global Partnerships

Global meets local through collaborations at the forefront of health and health policy issues worldwide.