GHP Senior Thesis Project

Bringing It All Together

""In many ways, the global health senior thesis project is the pinnacle of the GHP experience. It draws on coursework. It is enhanced by years of study with faculty across departments. It comes to life through prior summer research. Finally, it allows you to dedicate a full year to the issues that most resonated personally.

Integrating Summer Research

Planning your senior thesis is much like planning your summer research project. For that reason, we recommend that you begin thinking about your senior thesis as you plan your GHP summer research project. Get summer research planning tips.

Thesis Planning Tips

The opportunity to pursue original research is an exciting aspect of your time at Princeton. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Review GHP requirements.

The GHP senior thesis is conducted in your home department, but must relate to global health or health policy. Review thesis requirements.

Consult with your department.

Many departments publish guides to assist students with thesis planning and development.

Choose your topic wisely.

Consider the global health issues:

  • That you find most interesting
  • That connect well to your home department
  • That will sustain your interest over the course of a year
Find your advisor.

Think about faculty members you may want to work with – and then reach out. (The sooner the better.) As a GHP student, your advisor will be in your home department, but we are available to provide additional guidance along the way. When all is said and done, be sure to thank them.

Be smart about timing.

Map out your process for the year – and then stick to it. The best thesis projects take advantage of their yearlong timeline.

Explore your funding options.

If you are participating in one of Princeton's Health Scholars Programs, funding for thesis-related research is included. For all other projects, departmental and other funding sources may be available. Begin your search with SAFE, Princeton's Student Activities Funding Engine. For information about additional funding possibilities, feel free to contact us.

Thesis Resources

GHP Thesis Due Date: Same as your departmental due date.

GHP thesis guidelines [PDF]:

  • Number & type of copies
  • How & where to submit
  • Final chapter & research paper guidelines
  • Requirement completion procedure
  • How to write an abstract

Thesis FAQs
GHP certificate requirements

Need Inspiration?

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