GHP Certificate Program Prerequisites

Laying the Foundation

""Before entering the certificate program in Global Health and Health Policy (GHP), you must take two prerequisite courses and complete the additional requirements below.

The GHP program begins in junior year, so you should complete these requirements before the end of sophomore year. Your application will be submitted during spring of sophomore year.

1. TAKE Two Prerequisite Courses

Review our Course Planning Guide for help planning your program of study. Current & upcoming GHP course listings are updated each semester.

1 basic science course* from this list:
  • EEB/MOL 210 (Evolutionary Ecology)
  • EEB/MOL 211 (The Biology of Organisms)
  • MOL 101 (From DNA to Human Complexity)
  • MOL/EEB 214 (Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology)
  • MOL/EEB 215 (Quantitative Principles in Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • ISC 231-234 (An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences)
1 statistics course* from this list:
  • ECO 202 (Statistics and Data Analysis for Economics)
  • EEB/MOL 355 (Introduction to Biostatistics)
  • ORF 245 (Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics)
  • POL 345 / SOC 305 (Introduction to Quantitative Social Science)
  • PSY 251 (Quantitative Analysis in Psychological Research)
  • SML 101 (Reasoning with Data)
  • SML 201 (Introduction to Data Science)
  • SOC 301 (Sociological Research Methods)
  • WWS 200 (Statistics for Social Science)