Flagship Research Programs

A University-Wide Focus on Health

""Interdisciplinary research is in Princeton's DNA. Through its flagship programs, dedicated support is provided for research across disciplines. In addition, students are given a path by which to contextualize learning:

  • Pursuing internships & first-hand experiences
  • Participating in faculty research
  • Conducting research of their own
  • Attending global health events
  • Being a part of critical health work

Health Grand Challenge

In 2007, Princeton launched the Grand Challenges Initiative, which includes the Health Grand Challenge as one of its three areas of focus. This integrated research and teaching program promotes student involvement in faculty research on critical environment, technology and public policy issues, including global health and infectious disease. Students participate through summer internships, engagement in faculty projects and independent research in diverse settings:

  • Labs in Princeton, Ghana and Vietnam
  • Policy organizations in D.C., India and Geneva
  • Global academic and not-for-profit institutions in Brazil, South Africa, Peru and Kenya

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Program on U.S. Health Policy

Launched in 2012, Princeton's Program on U.S. Health Policy reflects a core belief that global health includes issues in our own backyard. Designed to positively influence health policy in the U.S., the program includes:

  • Research seed grants
  • Policy forums
  • Media workshops

The program also involves students through research and internship grants that expose them to the inner workings of policy development and implementation.

Learn more: Program on U.S. Health Policy