Health and Health Policy Certificate Program

A New Kind of Global Health Education

""The Health and Health Policy (HHP) Certificate offers critical insight into the contexts that create health disparities. Our students span experience levels and come from an array of fields, representing public and not-for-profit organizations. The unifying thread: a desire to gain understanding that drives informed leadership and the capacity for policy impact.

Interdisciplinary Benefits

HHP students study real-world global health issues from diverse angles.

  • Global health coursework: Study political and epidemiological health influencers
  • Faculty partnerships: Learn from faculty who are redefining the global health field
  • Graduate research support: Conduct research with University support
  • Personal connections: Join a vibrant, multi-disciplinary community

For Physicians, Ph.D. Scientists & Mid-Career Professionals

Current or future medical professionals enrolled in the Woodrow Wilson School's MPP Program cite the value of examining the drivers of health disparities not taught in medical school. Ph.D. scientists find it lends richness to their studies. We also attract students from the State Department, Foreign Service, and the military; international civil service, NGOs, and non-profits; and health advocacy careers.

Learn More

If you want to deepen your career perspective alongside an array of engaged, unique global health professionals, we invite you to join us. Visit the Center for Health and Wellbeing website to learn more.