Global Health Teaching Programs

Bringing the World to the Classroom

""Our teaching programs break down disciplinary silos. Open to students from all departments, the certificates:

  • Blend cross-disciplinary coursework and real-world learning
  • Offer direct access to renowned faculty 
  • Facilitate experiences that cultivate critical thinking

Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health and Health Policy (GHP)

Designed for: Princeton Undergraduate Students

Emphasizes the determinants, consequences and patterns of disease across societies; the role of medical technologies and interventions in health improvements; and the economic, political and social factors that shape domestic and global public health.

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Master in Public Policy (MPP Program)

Designed for: Physicians, Mid-Career Professionals, Ph.D. Scientists & Lawyers

The WWS graduate program for mid-career professionals trains those whose work blends medicine and public policy. It also attracts physicians, Ph.D. scientists and lawyers seeking deeper understanding of public policy. MPP students may pursue the HHP certificate.

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Graduate Certificate in Health and Health Policy (HHP)

Designed for: Princeton Graduate Students

Offered through the Woodrow Wilson School’s (WWS) graduate program, the certificate trains graduate students for health-related careers in the public and not-for-profit sectors. It provides broad training in core topics in health and health policy as well as courses in specialized areas.

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