GHP Student Success Stories

Working to Make a Difference

""While the paths they choose are diverse and many, we are confident that the education they received at Princeton enables them to uniquely engage global health’s most pressing issues with passion, openness and the desire to think critically.

  • Some remain in the academy
  • Others opt for medical training
  • Some join health policy organizations or international NGOs



Global Health after Princeton

We are proud of our graduates, more than 80% of whom choose health- or health-policy work. Below are a few snapshots of our many recent success stories--and check out our alumni profiles for a more in-depth look at GHP career trajectories.

Simone Sasse '14

""Focus: Disease pathology

Scholarship: Simone conducted thesis research on dengue fever at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam. She later received a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which she will use to pursue a master's in pathology.

Her long-term goal is to work as a physician-scientist specializing in infectious disease, with research focused on limiting the transmission of tropical diseases.

Raphael Frankfurter '13

""Focus: Health and economic development

Fellowship: After spending three summers working for the Wellbody Alliance in Sierra Leone on a range of projects, Raphael was awarded a fellowship to serve as the organization’s U.S. executive director. He is now pursuing an MD/PhD while continuing his leadership at Wellbody Alliance.


Annette Dekker '12

""Focus: Pain and palliative care among HIV and TB patients

Fellowship: Following a summer research experience in rural South Africa, Annette returned to Africa after graduation for a fellowship at the Bristol Myers-Squibb Children's Center in Botswana, which conducts pediatric and family HIV/AIDS care and treatment, health professional training and clinical research.

Jeffrey Chen '13

""Focus: Emergency care administered in under-developed settings

Post-graduation initiative: Through a post-graduation fellowship award, Jeffrey spent a summer in Tanzania working with AFEM, the African Federation for Emergency Medicine. 

During the experience, with AFEM,  Jeffrey worked alongside some of the first-ever emergency physicians of Central and East Africa.

Christina Laurenzi '13

""Focus: Community health

Fellowship: Christina completed a summer internship at Philani Child Health and Nutrition Project in Cape Town, South Africa. With the support of a fellowship, she returned to South Africa after graduation to the rural Eastern Cape province. Her projects included designing an evaluation and monitoring system for a community health program, and assisting with a birth follow-up study.

Christine Blauvelt '12

""Focus: AIDS programs and HIV-positive individuals’ survival strategies in Nakuru, Kenya

Post-graduation initiative: In response to her observation that high unemployment levels exacerbated health and social problems, Blauvelt returned to Kenya after graduating to establish DUMA, an innovative job placement service leveraging mobile technology and social networks.