Career Connections

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

""Cross-disciplinary by nature, global health relies on a people-centered approach to research and policy. The Global Health Program boasts a successful track record:

  • Encouraging inquiry that breaks down barriers
  • Imparting transferable career skills to students
  • Inspiring careers inside the academy and beyond 

Designed to Inspire

Through hands-on internships, research and field experiences, students are exposed to the wide range of career paths in health and health policy. An engaged community of faculty, undergraduates, graduate students and professionals provides ongoing mentorship. Moreover, a rich network of global partners creates direct inroads to international organizations at the forefront of the field.

Diverse Career Pathways

Global health students can be found pursuing a wide range of career paths after graduation.

  • Post-college fellowships
  • Jobs in health policy
  • Further study
  • Fulbright grants
  • Public health fellowships
  • Research positions at health policy institutions
  • Creation of new organizations
  • Medical careers

Profiles of GHP alumni and their career paths:

For Students

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